Vision Mission


The Ashokrao Mane Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital’s vision for its students


  • Impart world class medical education and high-quality training.
  • Produce Capable & Proficient Ayurvedic Doctors and Researchers.
  • Be alumni from one of the best institutions in the country.


  • The Ashokrao Mane Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital’s mission for its students:
  • We will strive hard and accomplish quality in medical education and become one of the top Educational Institutions in India.
  • Encourage students to experiment with different approaches for the treatment and take up challenges.
  • Train our students to become self-reliant, capable and develop a positive attitude.
  • Develop Research constantly and provide the right platform and regular opportunities to students to perform their research activities and present levels for the dissemination of knowledge in Ayurveda.
  • Co-operate and collaborate with other educational institutions under the umbrella of Ashokrao Mane Group of Institutions and other countries for the student exchange programmes and Research programmes.
  • Adequately meet the demand for qualified and skilled Ayurvedic doctors to cates to the welfare of the society. 

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